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About US

How JFC is born

Jesolo Fishing Charter springs from the passion of fishing families who have been practising this sport for generations, holders of unbeaten Italian and European sport fishing records. Our goal is to share with our customers the unique thrills that this sport provides and enable them to admire the beautiful scenery in which it is practised. The Adriatic Sea, the Venetian Lagoon and our wonderful rivers offer the chance to enjoy a full range of fishing trips thanks to the presence of countless species of fish.


We offer all techniques: Boat Fishing, Spinning, Drifting, Trolling and Vertical Jigging in the sea.


We have a variety of craft available for all techniques, equipped with the best on-board technology and professional equipment, for a high-performance trip every time. Our members can get to grips with their favourite sport in total comfort and complete safety, with the support of our highly experienced captains. An experience suitable for all, for young and old alike, from the fishing expert to those who want to try their hand at a new challenge for the first time.Fishing trips and courses are available year-round, every day, including nights. Our captains will advise you on the most rewarding and enjoyable techniques based on the time of year and sport fishing regulations.


European Record

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